Our Story


Over 90 years ago, in his quest to find the best sandwiches & burgers around, our founder, Yella, was disappointed with the quality of food and service that he was offered. He decided to create his own establishment where people could get mouthwatering sandwiches and the greatest burgers around.

His passion to create the best eatery in the area was short-lived. The Great Depression, poverty, and unemployment prevented him from seeing his dream become a reality.

But his dreams were never forgotten. Today, his grandchildren, who never had the pleasure of knowing him, honor his legacy with the creation of Yella’s.

Grandpa Yella earned his nickname for being a caller at the local dances in the 30’s and 40’s, always yelling and screaming to get people to the dance floor. And in true Yella fashion, there couldn’t be a more suitable way to describe our menu: “food worth screaming about”.

Keeping to Yella’s personal vision, we are dedicated to providing you with an enjoyable experience, with food of exceptional quality, and with friendly service as we welcome you to dine with our family.


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